equipment repair
Maintenance, Service, Repair


Company SIA '' AGAMIKS '' do their own and other sold brands welding equipment, after sales service and repair.

To keep the equipment in working order, it should be kept all times on the pulse, the same way we care about our car's, doing of annual technical inspection, the same maintenance should be recommended also for welding machine, especially those who are used in everyday metalworking process.

Repair is not an ordinary repair, it requires special knowledge and responsibility from equipment repair employee. Thanks to our customer's increased demands, for quality repair process, the company SIA '' AGAMIKS '' has implemented a special process that controls and provide quality service execution.

Introduce process ensures specific items after the repair quality monitoring.

  1. At the welding equipment transfer to repair workshop,will be prepared the equipment acceptance / transfer act.
  2. Customer receives equipment repair costs and to-do list, which is reflected in the Equipment defects act.
  3. During the equipment repair process we gathered all the necessary information in order at the end of the repair process we could be able to give all information in to customer's hands.
  4. When the unit is returned back to the customer, is being drawn up the equipment acceptance / transfer act, Equipment defect act, informative materials, Invoice! 

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